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[23 Dec 2005|12:43am]

[ mood | cold ]

Title: Birthdays and Demons
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Olivia Benson, Elliot Stabler
Genre: Drama, Angst, Friendship
Summary/Excerpt: "I know you hate your birthday," he says, trying to get me to look at him, "and I don't know why, really, but... Liv, it's not going to make it any better to sit alone in a bar and get drunk. You of all people should know that."
"You're right. I do know that," I tell him, then drain the rest of my beer just to make a point.

Author's Notes: I wrote this story a while back, and many of you may or may not have read it. I decided to rewrite it because...well, it wasn't as well written as I think it could have been. The story has changed somewhat, it's longer, and there's more interaction between Elliot and Olivia, so it's not really the same story, although the basic plot is the same as before. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and remember: reviews are nice. :) Takes place late 5th season sometime after Casey joins SVU and before Elliot and Kathy split up.

( Birthdays and Demons )

Reviews are greatly appreciated.

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Lean On Me. [18 Nov 2005|10:18pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Title: Lean On MeCollapse )
Rating: PG-13/R. Some "strong" themes, I guess.
Pairing: E/O friendship
Spoilers: "Intoxicated"

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Fanart Challenge [07 Oct 2005|05:58pm]

Okay, kiddies, for those of you not so into the whole fanfic thing, but with Photoshop or some other photoediting program, here is the first fanart challenge for the_crib:

Using this picture and/or this picture , you will create either...

A blend...
You can use one or both of the pictures, add stock images, textures, brushes, text, and other screencaps.


A set of icons
You will make TWO icons. Use the pictures above however you want, but they must be the main 'focus' of the icons. You can add textures, brushes, and text, but no stock images...
-ICONS MUST BE 100X100 PIXELS. (But you knew this!) *grin*

The deadline is October 25, same as the fanfiction.

ENTRIES MUST BE YOUR OWN WORK. I hate people who steal.

Post your entries to the community (behind a cut, if you will).

All entries will be judged before Halloween, or that's what I plan on, anyway...
Credits: Both photos come from Fotopic.net

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First Fanfiction Challenge! [06 Oct 2005|09:11pm]

Welcome to those of you that have already joined. I'm so glad you're interested!

Now, because it is October, and I lack creativity (sometimes *grin*), I think the first theme will be Autumn/Halloween. Here are the rules/etc.




Genre (angst, romance, etc):

The Story Must Include:
(Pick a minimum of two from the following)
-Candy Corn
-A Halloween prank gone wrong
-A walk in the park
-Apple cider
-Carving jack-o-lanterns
-Horror Stories
-Some mention of the smell in the air

Let's say... October 25. I know it's kinda short notice, but this way I can have them all read and stuff by Halloween.

Just post it here, under a cut, preferably. If you're not sure how (I didn't know how, up until a few weeks ago!), you just go to your "Update Journal" page. At the bottom, under the boxes for your music and mood, there'll be a dropdown box titled Post to:. Select the_crib and post away. *grin*

If there are questions, feel free to ask them. Anything to get y'all to participate!

I'll probably be posting a fanart challenge tomorrow or this weekend: once I find pictures that I like.

(Also, if you could help get the word out a little bit, I'd be eternally grateful. No pressure, though. *bows, disappears*)

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Welcome! [06 Oct 2005|07:20pm]


Heyo, and welcome to the_crib.

This is a community dedicated solely to fanfiction/fanart challenges for Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. After much searching, I have decided that if I want to find a community suited to my tastes, I might as well make my own, ne?

Anyway, every few weeks there will be a challenge posted: I'm sure there will be many different types of challenges...I really can't say for certain just yet. After several weeks, the challenge will close and the entries will be judged based on several factors. The top three stories and artworks will receive awards created and personalized by yours truly. (Can you blame me? I love Photoshop...)

If you join this community, you are not required to enter the contests, even though that would be awesome. I know that there are those out there who think that their writing is not so great, but who like to read other people's schtuff. Same for fanart.

Anyway, the first challenges will be up as soon as we get a few members--why bother posting a challenge, after all, when there is no one but yourself to read it, eh?

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